Willow and the deadly dragon

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you my legend.

                                             Willow and the deadly dragon


A very long time ago, there was this warrior named Willow. Willow was a grey husky who knew karate. Willow was a boy. Willow was a very brave warrior. Willow lived in a small village in a small house.

One day when Willow was going down the stairs of his house to go to the market to get dinner he heard a noise.“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” said a little girl. Willow ran back up to his window and he looked in the direction that he heard the noise come from and he saw a big dragon. The little girl kept on screaming and screaming for help, but no one came to save her. Willow grabbed his bow and arrow and shield then he jumped out the window to save the little girl. Willow sped through the crowd of people watching the little girl and Willow jumped up into the air and grabbed the little girl out of the dragon’s grip. Everybody started to clap and cheer for Willow as he brought the little girl back to her parents.

The next morning when Willow woke up he felt very proud of himself for saving the little girl. Still, the village was under attack so, Willow quickly, surprisingly, did something very weird…

He flew.

Willow flew out the window to get groceries in the market. Everybody was staring at Willow in the air flying. Willow got salty chicken, corn, a large juicy apple, a small, medium, and big pear, and one cookie as giant as an envelope. After getting all his food, he returned to his apartment and ate it. After Willow ate his food he walked around the village. “I just saw the…” said Wilow “um hello can you carry please help me carry this across the street.” “Sure,” said Willow. “I hope you understand that I am an old lady that can’t do many things that other people in this village can.”

A few seconds later Willow finished helping the old lady. ”I heard you can fly so, can you please fly me up the stairs.”

“Absolutely,” said Willow. I am such an old lady that I can’t do all the things that everybody else in the village can.” Wait! Willow thought, this old lady said the same thing the other old lady said! This lady is trying to stop me from helping the people of the village. “I AM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU!” “ALL YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IS STOP ME FROM HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE!” “Ugh!” “You caught me”.

Willow just finished tying up the bad lady in his bedroom, when he remembered about the deadly dragon. Willow flew out the window to fight the deadly dragon. Willow hit the dragon hard on the head and the dragon breathed fire. “Oww!” said a person watching the fight. Willow looked over and saw him fall on his head. Everybody gasped.

One hour later everybody was at the funeral. “Hannah Jonathan was a lovely woman and will be greatly missed.” Everybody was very sad that Hannah Jonathan had died from the deadly dragon but, because she died now Willow knew that the dragon breathed deadly fire. Everybody said nice things about Hannah Jonathan. After all the nice things were said everybody went home and tried not to worry about the deadly dragon.

The next morning when Willow woke up he heard a noise that sounded like screaming. Willow quickly sat up and got his sword and shield. Willow jumped out the window

for the third day in a row and flew in the direction of the screaming. When Willow was in the air flying he did not see anybody looking at him like the other times he flew. He thought that everybody was hiding inside their houses because they were scared to get killed by the deadly dragon. “Please destroy the deadly dragon and save us from getting killed.” “You are the only person who can save us”.

When he was going to bed he thought about what the man had said. Willow thought about what he had said for the whole night and realized that he was right. Now that Willow figured out that he was the one to destroy the dragon he had to make a plan. In one hour he made a plan that he thought would work. First, he would get everyone away from the dragon, then he would stab the dragon with the sword of Gryffindor, and finally, everybody would be saved and nobody would get killed.

The next day Willow got up at six o’clock and got ready to fight the dragon. Willow grabbed the sword of Gryffindor and went over his plan in his head. Willow jumped out the window for the fourth but there was something different about the jump this time…

Willow fell.

Willow got up from the ground and started walking to the deadly dragon. Willow heard many extremely loud

screams and he got a little nervous because the screaming sounded like the whole village.

Willow got there just in time before a person got killed by the dragon. Willow was so surprised because everybody in the village was in the dragon’s grip trying to get out of the dragon’s grip terrified. Everybody was screaming louder than ever before. Willow felt like he was going to faint, he felt so nervous because he felt like there was so much pressure on him. Even though he was very nervous he jumped up in the air and surprisingly, flew again. Willow freed many people from the dragon’s grip. Willow tried to kill the dragon but the dragon was way too strong to die from a cut. Willow tried to kill the dragon but things just got worst because everybody was dying quickly.

A few minutes later everybody was dead except Willow who was hanging off a cliff trying to get back on his feet. The dragon breathed fire and almost hit Willow. With all his strength he took the sword of Gryffindor and stabbed it into the rock and used it as a step to get back on his feet. Willow ran into the dragon and stabbed it in the heart and killed it. Willow looked at the dragon proud that he killed it.

Two seconds and five hundred and fifty-six milliseconds later Willow looked at the dragon one last time before throwing the dragon into the river but, the dragon

wasn’t there. Willow couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he saw all of the dead people from the village in front of him being still and silent. Willow couldn’t tell if this was real or not but something inside of him told him it was really real. The whole village started cheering and saying “you are our hero” to Willow. Willo went to his house but it was a little bit difficult for him to get there because everybody thanked and thanked him. Willow was extremely proud of himself for killing the dragon. Now this story is a legend that has been told for thousands of years.

The Seven Teachings

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you my presentation on the seven teachings.


I think that love is the most important teaching because if you want peace there needs to be love or you will end up like Voldemort.

Rocks and Minerals

Hi guys! Today I will tell you about the project I did with my friend Saturn. We were told to do a project on rocks and minerals.

What did we decide to do?

We chose three rocks marble, amethyst, and rose quartz.


Marble is a sedimentary rock. When limestone gets buried deep in the ground for millions of years, the heat and pressure can change limestone into metamorphic rock. Marble can be in many colours.


Amethyst is an igneous and gemstone rock. Amethyst comes in various shades of purple and it comes with glossy white streaks. Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst in jewellery. When amethyst is exposed to heat geologists have found that it gets darker.

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a very common mineral in the earth’s crust. Rose quartz is a milky pink colour. Rose quartz is an igneous/gemstone rock. Rose quartz is glassy lustre and hard. When squeezed it makes electricity.

Learning goal

My learning goal was to show what I learned about rocks and minerals.

How I found self-directed science?

At first, I found it a little bit hard to think of what I was going to do for my project, but then in the end I found it easier and more fun to do my project without having to do what the teacher said.


In conclusion, I found self-directed fun.

Here’s a picture of Saturn and I’s project



Public speaking reflection

Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you about my public speaking.

First I am going to tell you what my speech is about. My speech was about why crab trapping should be stopped. In my speech, my three main points were animals that have been affected by crab traps, the number of declining crabs, and Winter the dolphin’s story. I also added a paragraph about what traps are.

The part about public speaking I found most challenging was speaking. I found speaking very hard because for me it is very scary to speak in front of people. I also found it scary because everybody was looking at me. When I found out I got into the finals, I was very happy but I also got more scared because I would have to talk in front of grades not just one class with eleven people. When I arrived at the gym, I found out I was going first. I was so nervous and my heart was beating as fast as the wings of a bee. When I got called up to stand in front of the gym, I started to shake a lot because I was so nervous. Then again, everybody was looking at me and that just made me even more nervous. In a few seconds, I started, and even though I was so nervous and scared I did my speech in front of the crowd. Then I was done the scariest part, it was over.

The part I found the easiest was writing my speech. I found writing my speech the easiest because I enjoy writing. I also found writing my speech the easiest part because I was writing something I like, not a boring topic. Although it was a little bit hard to think of my third point. Overall, I think writing was the easiest part of my public speaking because I enjoyed it, and it did not involve doing something in front of a crowd.

Next time for public speaking I would speak a little bit louder, try not to get as nervous, look up at the audience more, and have more hand gestures.


Speech:Why crab trapping should be stopped

Records show a significant decline in the number of male adult blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay. 79 million was slashed to 39 million in under a year. Crabs were the victim… traps were the problem!(Puase for 2)

Hi grade 4 students, my name is Raisa and today I am going to tell you why crab trapping should be stopped. I am going to tell you about animals that have been affected by crab traps, the number of declining crabs, and Winter the dolphin’s story.(Puase for 3)


Before I tell you about the trapping of marine animals, I should tell you about traps and what they are. Traps are a way of catching food. Traps are put in water and they are left there until a fish or crab goes inside, or a fisherman moves the trap. Traps are used so fishermen don’t have to wait for a fish or crab to come while they can be doing other things. In the 1920’s, Benjamin F. Lewis invented the crab pot. A crab pot is a way that you can catch crabs. You are probably wondering what the difference between a crab trap and a crab pot is?(Puase for 1)The difference is that when a crab goes in a crab trap, the crab can go out any time the crab wants to go out, but when a crab gets caught in a crab pot, it is very hard for the crab to get out of the trap.


Did you know that a large percent of crabs and other marine animals have been declining steadily for years?(Puase for 2)

In China, there were 600,000 to 700,000 pairs, mom and dad, in the 1990s.  By 2010, about 20 years later, there were only 300,000. In the world, the crab population has declined from about 405 million to 282 million. 


Have you ever thought of how many marine animals have been affected by crab traps?(Puase for 2)

When people use crab traps they lure other marine animals into the traps and when the marine animals go into the traps they can get very injured. Fishing traps break and injure coral, making it go lighter. Did you know that coral is a real animal?(Pause for 1) Also, turtles have been getting caught in crab traps.


Well… here we are, we have arrived at the main point of my speech. Have you heard the story of Winter the dolphin?(Pause for 3)

I must say this is not a kind or pleasant story but the hard truth and reality of what it takes to get that fish on your plate! (Pause for 1)

On a cold winter morning, a baby dolphin got tangled up in a crab trap. When the baby dolphin tried to free herself, the ropes that were securing the buoy got tangled around her tail and mouth. A nearby fisherman saw her gasping for breath and went to set her free. After she was set free, the baby dolphin did not swim away from the boat for about 30 minutes. The fisherman knew that the baby dolphin was too tired and injured to swim so he called Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The rescue team arrived a few hours later and caught the baby dolphin. Even though the baby dolphin was very hurt, she was not easy to catch. When the baby dolphin arrived at the aquarium, the team of marine biologists named the baby dolphin Winter because it was a cold day. The marine biologists helped Winter. Sadly, her tail was too damaged to save so they had to cut it off. Since they had to cut Winter’s tail off, Winter could not go back in the wild because it would be to hard for her to swim without a tail. Kevin Carroll made Winter a prosthetic tail that she could swim with. People with prosthetic limbs got to meet Winter, it was very special! 


We must stop crab trapping to save the crabs!  We want crabs to survive and live a good life.  We must stop trapping to save innocent animals such as Winter from being harmed or killed in these traps!  To help  stop trapping, tell other people what you learnd about these traps so they can help speak up again when they see them!


Cookie science project

Hi guys! Today I going to tell you about my science project about geologists.

What are geologists?

Geologists study the history of the world. Geologists are poeple who look for rocks, minerals, and try and predict when things are going to happen. For example geologists try and predict when a volcano is going to erupt.

Earth Scientists more relevant than ever to oil and gas industry | CSEG RECORDER

What we did in the task?

In the task I tried to excavate the chocolate chips out of a cookie. First I wrote down my prediction of how many chocolate chips I would find in the bottom of my cookie and the top of my cookie. After I was done excavating my cookie I ate the cookie and it was very good.

Rocks and minerals

Rocks are made of many different types of minerals.

Please see my blog about rocks.


Innovation Day: Medieval drawbridge and castle

Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you how I made my medieval drawbridge and castle, and some backround  information on the medieval times.


Castle are places that people built for protection from enemies in the middle ages. The first castles were made out of wood. There were usually only three rooms in a castle. Sometimes there are moats around castles. A moat is water that surounds a castle. Sometimes castles can suround a little village. People still build buildings that look like castles because they think they look nice.

Neuschwanstein, Castle, Germany, Landmark, Architecture

(Castle in Germany)


A drawbridge is a type of bridge that usually leads to a castle. A drawbridge is a way that you can protect yourself from enemies by lifting the bridge up. A drawbridge usually goes over a moat. A drawbridge can lift to let boats go through. In the medieval times, drawbridges were usually made out of wood.Bridge, Waters, Drawbridge, Flow, Travel, England

(London bridge)

Lords vs Serfs

Lords lived privileged and serfs did not. Lords lived in nice and big houses, but serfs lived in wood and mud houses with straw beds. Lords had nice clothes and serfs didn’t. Serfs had to do farming and take care of animals, while the lords would get the stuff they made and harvested. The boys usually got to learn to read and even write. If the girls lived in a very privileged family, they might have learned to read or embroid. In the medieval times, the lords were one of the people who had the most power. Some serfs would be called freemen. The serfs had the least power.

(feudal system)


Knights usually fought on horses for their master. Knights also sometimes fought on foot. To be a knight, you need to be able to afford armour. The best soldiers were knights. You need a lot of money to become a knight, so if you became a knight your family would have probably had a lot of money. You could make a lot of money by being a knight. You can get a lot of money by winning a battle or war. Sometimes if you do a very good job as a reward you can be given a special name.

Please click on this link to see my blogpost about pulleys.

How I got my information

First I looked in some books with medieval drawbridges leading to castles. Then I looked online and found some facts about medieval drawbridges. Next I wrote down my facts on a piece of paper. Finally, I drew a picture of what my medieval drawbridge and castle would look like.


I planned to use cardboard for my castle and the bridge of my drawbridge, then I planned to use my pulley from the “science in the school bag” to make my drawbridge go up.


1.I got some cardboard and started to cut out shapes that I needed to make my drawbridge.

2.I glued some pieces of cardboard together to make a castle to attach my drawbridge to.

3.I made a door for my castle with straws and attached a string so it could hang on to the top of the castle.

4.I cut a little piece of a bamboo stick about one inch long, and wrapped it in green and grey pipecleaners.

5.I put a hole in the first end of the drawbridge, and glued the bamboo stick in the hole with some hot glue.

6.I made a hole in the piece of cardbaord and stuck a bamboo stick about four inches long in the hole, and put a red straw over the stick.

7.I attached the piece of cardboard to the first end of the drawbridge with a pipecleaner, and then I did the same thing with the other side.

8.I glued the other side of the drawbridge to the castle. Next I glued the pulley to the bamboo stick that was 4 inches long, and attached the string to the bamboo stick that was one inch long.

9.I wrapped the string to the pulley.

10.I painted my medieval drawbridge and castle.

11.I added two little pieces of cardboard about two inches long inside the castle to be tables, and then I added to smaller pieces of cardboard about the same length to be benches.

12.I made four little pipecleaner plates to put on the tables, and then I added four little pieces of different colour pipecleaner to be the food on the plates.

13.I made a spiral staircase by getting one bamboo stick and piting pieces of cardboard on the stick.

14. I cut a small piece of cardboard and glued it to the top of my castle were the spiral staircase would lead.

15. I made a bed by cutting a tiny piece of cardboard and putting pink pipecleaners for the pillow blue pipecleaners for the sheets

16. I made a little night table beside the bed.

17. I added another little piece of cardboard right beside the spiral staircase and made another bed with many different colours for the pillow and sheets.

(Picture of me building my castle and drawbridge)


(Video of me pulling the string of my pulley)


My drawbridge worked when I pulled the string that was in the groove of the pulley.

(My final tour of my castle with harry potter characters)

Next time I would start out with one box so I don’t have to cut multiple pieces for my castle walls and floor because, it is extra work and it would have been easier to start out with one box.


In my opinion, I don’t agree that being a pirate is a good thing. I don’t agree because pirates live on boats where there can be storms with big waves. I don’t like warm places but pirates do. I also don’t agree because I don’t like sword fighting. Finally, I don’t agree because I don’t like funny pirate songs.

I don’t like going on boats, because when there are big waves you can’t make them stop. I don’t like places that are warm because they are too hot for me. I don’t like sword fighting because you can get poked with a sword and that hurts. I don’t like funny pirate songs because they don’t sound that good. That is why I don’t want to be a pirate.




Rock Stars

Hello my name is Raisa and I am going to be telling you about rock stars. There are a lot of cool types of rocks and they are all rock stars.

The rock basalt belongs to the Igneous family. Basalt started as a hot liquid rock called magma. When magma cools it hardens into igneous rock. Basalt cooled more quikly above ground. Where the rock cools afects  how it’s shaped and Volcanic Rock, Background, Template it made of.

The rock shale, belongs to the Sedimentary rock family. The rock shale started out as lots of different rocks, shells, and tiny skeletons. The rocks, shells, and tiny skeletons got washed to the bottoms of lakes and oceans. More and more layers of the rocks, shells, and tiny bones built upp on the others that created a rock. The bits and pieces  have been pressed into rock after a few million years. The rock shale is smooth because the water washes over it, and over time the water becomes smooth.Cheltenham, Arid, Badlands, Barren

The rock marble is from the Metamorphic family of rock. The rock marble comes from rocks that already exists, like the Sedimentary family. The rock marble started out as members of the Igneous family and the Sedimentary family. Some of the marble rocks were made after intence pressure over a long time. the rock marble comes from limestone. Limestone is a soft member of the Sedimentary family of rock.


Marble, Texture, White, Pattern, Surface


Hi guys! Today I am going to be telling you about pulleys. A pulley helps lift somthing that is very heavy.

There are 4 different types of pulleys. The types of pulleys are a fixed pulley, movable pulley, compound pulley, and a block & tackle pulley. A pulley is made out of a axel and a wheel. The more strings you have atachted to the object the easier it is to lift the object.

A fixed pulley is a pulley were you pull the rope down to lift the object up. A fixed pulley is made out of a axel.

A movable pulley is a pulley that is movable. In a movable pulley you lift the string up to pull the object up.

A compound pulley is a pulley with two wheels and two axels. One axel and whell is at the top of the pulley and the other axel and whell is at the bottom of the pulley. To lift up the object  you pull the rope down.

A block and tackle pulley is a pulley that has two wheels and axels. the wheel and axels are both on top of eachother in the block and tackle pullley. In the block and tackle pulley you pull the string down to lift the object up.

Today I made a fixed pulley. I made a groove out of tinfoil. I used three cups as the base and attachted them with red electric tape. i used pink string as the rope to pull the sharpener up.