Les Français

Pendant notre cours d’Études Sociales avec Madame Sylvie, nous avons appris beaucoup de faits intéressants au sujet des Premiers Explorateurs. Pour conclure ce chapitre, nous devions choisir un groupe d’explorateurs de notre choix. Moi, j’ai choisi les Français. Après ma recherche, j’ai préparé une présentation avec CANVA. Voici quelques faits intéressants que j’ai appris sur les français. Ils ont échangé les objets en fer, les couvertures en laine, et les fourrures pour faire des chapeaux. Les français viennent au Canada en 1604. Jacques Cartier a ete credite pour nommer Kanata. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez mon projet.

Mon Projet

Scientists in the School Reflection

Hi Guys! Today I am going to tell you my reflection about scientists in the school. Scientists in the school are when scientists come to the school and do science experiments with you. Here’s a link to the website

Our science topic was about the states of matter. The main goal of the session was to learn about the states of matter and to find out of was the mystery pouder was made of. One of the steps I did was pore the espom salt into water and see if it would desolve. I learned that the mystery pouder was espom salt and baking soda. My favourite part was poring everything into one cup and watching it explode.

Bottle cap persuaition

Oh no! I just lost my page, I wish there was a way that I couldn’t lose my page. So many bottle caps have been going into the trash. I think this product will help you a lot because many people lose their page while reading. This product will also help the environment by using a bottle cap that would’ve gone into the trash.


Okay, I’m back, where was I… When I lose my page it takes a long time to find it but, if I have a book holder I won’t lose my page and waste all that time. If I’m doing my homework, and I want to copy something that’s written in a book, I have to hold it in my hand. I can’t hold it in my hand because I have to write with one hand and hold the page with one hand but, this will solve the problem because you now have a book holder. When I’m holding a book for a long time my hand starts to hurt and I get exhausted but, if you have a book holder all your problems will be solved. This book holder can help you with homework, your hand getting tired and, your hand getting hurt from holding the book for a long time.


Ahhhhh! I need to leave! The cookies are not in the oven! This cookie cutter cuts out Perfect circles so, when you go to a fancy party your cookies will look like a professional baker made them. When you are using the phenomenal cookie cutter instead of using a knife to cut your cookies it will be much faster. When you are baking you always want your cookies to be the same size so one cookie expands a lot and then one just doesn’t get bigger or smaller. If you’re baking with a special cookie dough that you can only cut once and accidentally mess up, you can’t do it over. If you have the cookie cutter you won’t make that mistake and waste money and dough. If I’m reading a book and I need to cut my cookies I can go downstairs and still have my page saved while cutting my cookies.


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I think that people must get my product because it helps you not lose your page, it helps you so you can get the baking done much faster and, you can use it for many things. The reasons why you must buy my product are to help you not lose your page in your book, it helps you with baking and, you can use it for many things. You must buy my product so you can save the environment. You also must buy my product so you can make your life easier.

Luna and Zelda should get a bigger cage

Dear mom and dad,

Would you like to live in a small space with nothing to do but eat and sleep? I think Luna and Zelda should have a bigger cage because they are getting bored of their setup, they need more space to run around and they need a place to play with their toys. 

The first thing that I am going to tell you about, is why Luna and Zelda need a new setup. One reason why Luna and Zelda need a new setup is that they get very bored when Coby and I are at school and when my mom and dad are at work. Another reason why Luna and Zelda need a new setup is that they need new things to do. For example, walking around and smelling the new smells and feeling the new textures of the cage. My last reason why Luna and Zelda need a new setup is that they will have a new space to explore. I know that when both of you work from home they always week at you, but if they have a new set up they will be busy exploring not weeking at you. There is one fact about guinea pigs that both of you should probably know, the fact is that guinea pigs like it when their setup is changed.

My second reason is that they need more space to run around. Luna and Zelda need more exercise because they don’t run around very much when they are outside in the open. If they have a bigger cage they will be able to run around any time of day they want. When Luna and Zelda run around they find it very fun. When Luna and Zelda run around they either do the zoomies or popcorn. The zoomies are when they zoom around like a race car. Popcorning is when they go jumping around and running everywhere. They find both of those things very fun.

My final reason is that Luna and Zelda need a little space in their cage to play with their toys. When Luna and Zelda play with their toys their scavenging skills improve. When their scavenging skills improve they can find food on their own without Coby or I giving them food. Guinea pigs don’t exactly know what they’re doing all the time but they find the things that they do very fun. One of the things that they do is take things apart. They also enjoy taking things apart. My last reason is that if they have more space in the cage for toys we can put more than one in the cage. That means they won’t fight over the toys.

These are the reasons why Luna and Zelda need a bigger cage. The reasons why they need a bigger cage are they need a new setup, they need more space to run around, and they need a little space in their cage to play with their toys. We must get them a bigger cage so they don’t get bored, so they have more space to run around, and so they have a space for their toys.

From Raisa

Willow and the deadly dragon

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you my legend.

                                             Willow and the deadly dragon


A very long time ago, there was this warrior named Willow. Willow was a grey husky who knew karate. Willow was a boy. Willow was a very brave warrior. Willow lived in a small village in a small house.

One day when Willow was going down the stairs of his house to go to the market to get dinner he heard a noise.“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” said a little girl. Willow ran back up to his window and he looked in the direction that he heard the noise come from and he saw a big dragon. The little girl kept on screaming and screaming for help, but no one came to save her. Willow grabbed his bow and arrow and shield then he jumped out the window to save the little girl. Willow sped through the crowd of people watching the little girl and Willow jumped up into the air and grabbed the little girl out of the dragon’s grip. Everybody started to clap and cheer for Willow as he brought the little girl back to her parents.

The next morning when Willow woke up he felt very proud of himself for saving the little girl. Still, the village was under attack so, Willow quickly, surprisingly, did something very weird…

He flew.

Willow flew out the window to get groceries in the market. Everybody was staring at Willow in the air flying. Willow got salty chicken, corn, a large juicy apple, a small, medium, and big pear, and one cookie as giant as an envelope. After getting all his food, he returned to his apartment and ate it. After Willow ate his food he walked around the village. “I just saw the…” said Wilow “um hello can you carry please help me carry this across the street.” “Sure,” said Willow. “I hope you understand that I am an old lady that can’t do many things that other people in this village can.”

A few seconds later Willow finished helping the old lady. ”I heard you can fly so, can you please fly me up the stairs.”

“Absolutely,” said Willow. I am such an old lady that I can’t do all the things that everybody else in the village can.” Wait! Willow thought, this old lady said the same thing the other old lady said! This lady is trying to stop me from helping the people of the village. “I AM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU!” “ALL YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IS STOP ME FROM HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE!” “Ugh!” “You caught me”.

Willow just finished tying up the bad lady in his bedroom, when he remembered about the deadly dragon. Willow flew out the window to fight the deadly dragon. Willow hit the dragon hard on the head and the dragon breathed fire. “Oww!” said a person watching the fight. Willow looked over and saw him fall on his head. Everybody gasped.

One hour later everybody was at the funeral. “Hannah Jonathan was a lovely woman and will be greatly missed.” Everybody was very sad that Hannah Jonathan had died from the deadly dragon but, because she died now Willow knew that the dragon breathed deadly fire. Everybody said nice things about Hannah Jonathan. After all the nice things were said everybody went home and tried not to worry about the deadly dragon.

The next morning when Willow woke up he heard a noise that sounded like screaming. Willow quickly sat up and got his sword and shield. Willow jumped out the window

for the third day in a row and flew in the direction of the screaming. When Willow was in the air flying he did not see anybody looking at him like the other times he flew. He thought that everybody was hiding inside their houses because they were scared to get killed by the deadly dragon. “Please destroy the deadly dragon and save us from getting killed.” “You are the only person who can save us”.

When he was going to bed he thought about what the man had said. Willow thought about what he had said for the whole night and realized that he was right. Now that Willow figured out that he was the one to destroy the dragon he had to make a plan. In one hour he made a plan that he thought would work. First, he would get everyone away from the dragon, then he would stab the dragon with the sword of Gryffindor, and finally, everybody would be saved and nobody would get killed.

The next day Willow got up at six o’clock and got ready to fight the dragon. Willow grabbed the sword of Gryffindor and went over his plan in his head. Willow jumped out the window for the fourth but there was something different about the jump this time…

Willow fell.

Willow got up from the ground and started walking to the deadly dragon. Willow heard many extremely loud

screams and he got a little nervous because the screaming sounded like the whole village.

Willow got there just in time before a person got killed by the dragon. Willow was so surprised because everybody in the village was in the dragon’s grip trying to get out of the dragon’s grip terrified. Everybody was screaming louder than ever before. Willow felt like he was going to faint, he felt so nervous because he felt like there was so much pressure on him. Even though he was very nervous he jumped up in the air and surprisingly, flew again. Willow freed many people from the dragon’s grip. Willow tried to kill the dragon but the dragon was way too strong to die from a cut. Willow tried to kill the dragon but things just got worst because everybody was dying quickly.

A few minutes later everybody was dead except Willow who was hanging off a cliff trying to get back on his feet. The dragon breathed fire and almost hit Willow. With all his strength he took the sword of Gryffindor and stabbed it into the rock and used it as a step to get back on his feet. Willow ran into the dragon and stabbed it in the heart and killed it. Willow looked at the dragon proud that he killed it.

Two seconds and five hundred and fifty-six milliseconds later Willow looked at the dragon one last time before throwing the dragon into the river but, the dragon

wasn’t there. Willow couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he saw all of the dead people from the village in front of him being still and silent. Willow couldn’t tell if this was real or not but something inside of him told him it was really real. The whole village started cheering and saying “you are our hero” to Willow. Willo went to his house but it was a little bit difficult for him to get there because everybody thanked and thanked him. Willow was extremely proud of himself for killing the dragon. Now this story is a legend that has been told for thousands of years.

The Seven Teachings

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you my presentation on the seven teachings.


I think that love is the most important teaching because if you want peace there needs to be love or you will end up like Voldemort.

Rocks and Minerals

Hi guys! Today I will tell you about the project I did with my friend Saturn. We were told to do a project on rocks and minerals.

What did we decide to do?

We chose three rocks marble, amethyst, and rose quartz.


Marble is a sedimentary rock. When limestone gets buried deep in the ground for millions of years, the heat and pressure can change limestone into metamorphic rock. Marble can be in many colours.


Amethyst is an igneous and gemstone rock. Amethyst comes in various shades of purple and it comes with glossy white streaks. Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst in jewellery. When amethyst is exposed to heat geologists have found that it gets darker.

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a very common mineral in the earth’s crust. Rose quartz is a milky pink colour. Rose quartz is an igneous/gemstone rock. Rose quartz is glassy lustre and hard. When squeezed it makes electricity.

Learning goal

My learning goal was to show what I learned about rocks and minerals.

How I found self-directed science?

At first, I found it a little bit hard to think of what I was going to do for my project, but then in the end I found it easier and more fun to do my project without having to do what the teacher said.


In conclusion, I found self-directed fun.

Here’s a picture of Saturn and I’s project