June 17

My Favourite Stuffies


My favorite stuffies name is Willow. I’ve had Willow for seven years. Willow is a boy. Willow is my travel stuffy. That means when I go on vacation or camping, I bring Willow and a few other stuffies that you are going to learn about soon. I don’t bring Willow and my special stuffies to sleepover camp. Willow is a husky. My mom and dad got me Willow when I was having a bad dream. Willow sleeps with me every night.

My second favorite stuffies name is Bunny. I’ve had Bunny for my whole life. Bunny is a girl. Bunny is my camp travel stuffie. That means when I go camping, I bring Bunny, Willow and one more stuffie that you will learn about next. I don’t bring Bunny to sleepover camp. Bunny is a light pink bunny. My mom and dad got me Bunny when I was born. Bunny was the first stuffie I ever had.

My third favorite stuffies name is Sandy. I’ve had Sandy for my whole life. Sandy is a boy. Sandy is a camp travel stuffie. That means when I go camping, I bring Sandy, Bunny and Willow. I don’t bring Sandy to sleepover camp. Sandy is a Rottweiler. My mom gave me Sandy when I was born. My mom got Sandy when she moved to Ottawa.

My fourth favorite stuffies name is Brownie. I’ve had Brownie for three and a half years. Brownie is a girl. Brownie does not go on vacation because Brownie’s too big. Brownie is a Brown bear. My friend gave me Brownie at my seventh birthday. Brownie is my comfort stuffie. That means when I don’t feel good, I take Brownie and snuggle her.

My fifth favorite stuffie’s name is Winter. I’ve had Winter for two years. Winter is a girl. Winter doesn’t go on vacation because she is very delicate. Winter is a bottlenose dolphin that got found in a crab trap. Winter now has no tail but she has about thirty prosthetics. Winter is my “I can do it” stuffie. That means if I’m scared to do something, I go to Winter and remember all the hard things that she’s been through.

May 31

Persuasive writing

I want to get a dog. If I am having a bad day the puppy will cheer me up. If I don’t want to go outside the puppy will make going outside fun. I also want a puppy because it will be fun to train it.

If I am having a bad day the puppy will cheer me up. The puppy will cheer me up by wanting to play and cuddle. The puppy will cheer me up by doing funny things. The puppy will also cheer me up by doing puppy eyes when it wants a treat.  The puppy will cheer me up if I am having a bad day.

If I don’t want to go outside the puppy will make going outside fun. The puppy will make going outside fun by wanting to play fetch. If it was raining the puppy would make going outside fun because I’m going to be with one of my best friends. If it is really hot outside and I do not want to go swimming the dog will make going in the pool fun by splashing water everywhere. The puppy will make it fun to go outside.

I also want a puppy because it will be fun to train. The puppy will be fun to train because it will be cool to see the puppy do cool tricks. The puppy will also be fun to train because when it’s tired it will lie down on the floor and that will be really cute. The puppy will also be fun to train because when you put the treat up high it will jump for it and that will be really cool. The puppy will be very fun to train.

There are many reasons why I think I should get a puppy.  It is fun to play with the puppy outside and inside. It will be a good friend that I can cuddle with. The puppy will entertain me with lots of puppy tricks. Most of all, I will love the puppy so much.


May 12


 Mammals can be herbivores or carnivores. Mammals have a lot of the same body parts as us humans do. A lot of mammals are endangered. Did you know that there was such a thing as a tree kangaroo? Most animals on the planet are mammals. Here are some examples of big, medium and small cats: African lion, snow leopard, Bengal tiger, jaguar, cheetah, Canada lynx and serval. Here are some examples of cows, sheep and goats: American bison, yak, mountain goat and Nubian ibex.


A platypus is the only mammal that lays eggs on the planet. There are more than a hundred species of tree squirrels. Most wolves are scared of humans. If they sense that a human is coming or nearby, it will run as fast as it could into a forest. Sloth bears run very fast and eat very fast. A sun bear is the smallest bear of the ursid family. Sun bears have very long tongues to pull termites and bees out of their nests and honey from bee hives. Giant pandas only eat bamboo. Female polar bears breed in the spring and give birth in the fall. A black bear’s main predator is a Sibearian tiger. Brown bears live in North America, Siberia and Europe.

Raccoons use their feet just like hands. Bamboo is a big part of a red panda’s diet. A South American Coatimundi scientific name is Nasua nasua. A Kinkajou scientific name is Potus falvus. A ring-tailed cat’s scientific name is Bassariscus astutus. A White-nosed coati is a part of the Procyonidae. A Northern olingo’s scientific name is Bassaricyon gabbai.


All mammals start off as an egg and start to grow in the uterus. When animals are born they are very small but, some animals are bigger than others when they get born. Some animals have pouches like for example koalas and kangaroos. All marsupials have pouches. The rest of the mammals don’t have pouches. For example humans, polar bears and dogs.

April 1


Bunnies are good pets. Bunnies eat some veggies 🌶. People think that bunnies normally eat carrots, but carrots are actually a treat for bunnies. The bunnies eat carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, pellets, and hay. Pellets are made out of hay. Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae.


Wear bunnies live 


 Bunnies can be found in forests, meadows, grasslands, deserts, tundra and wetlands. Bunnies live in burrows. The bunnies dig the burrows themselves. Bunnies dig burrows in the ground. They also have a lot of ways to get out of the burrows.

 A baby bunny


Baby bunnies are called kittens. It’s safe to pick up a baby bunny as long as you are very careful, because baby bunnies are very fragile. If you pick up a baby bunny incorrectly, they could hurt you. Baby bunnies are very small and have a thin layer of fur. The bunnies eyes are closed or they may have just opened. When a baby bunnies or a bunny is born they are very cute and small.

Mommy rabbits


A mommy rabbit is called a doe. A mom’s baby bunnies are called kittens. Giving birth to kittens is called kindling. Mother rabbits can have 3 to 8 kits a year in a 

Iitter, and have 3 to 4 litters a year. A mother rabbit does not sleep with her baby’s.

Male bunny


A male bunny is called a buck. Male bunnies are more easier to care for then female bunnies. Male bunnies can be put together, but it will be better if you put a male and female bunny together. You could have three male bunnies together. Male bunnies are easier to have then female bunnies.

March 25

Innovation Day

Parade Float


Problem: Can I make a parade float that can travel 50 cm and hold 100g?


Hypothesis:I think that I could make a parade float that could travel 50cm and hold 100g.



4 elastic bands

4 plastic golf balls

a lot of cardboard



small blue plastic cup

2 thin light blue pipe cleaners

masking tape


First I drew a picture of what I wanted my float to look like. Next I got 1 piece of cardboard that was about 27cm long. Then I got two bamboo sticks and taped one to the bottom of the cardboard and the other one behind it. Next I took 4 plastic golf balls and slid them on the ends of the bamboo sticks and put pink elastics on the ends so the balls don’t fall off. Then I took a piece of cardboard and cut a piece that was 10cm and drew a dog on it. Next with the leftover cardboard I cut it to a piece that was 10cm and drew a bone on it. Then I put cotton below the bone and dog I drew. Next I cut out a balloon out of cardboard and wrote dog rule and puppies rule on it. Then I cut an oval out of cotton and got a blue little cup and glued it on the cotton. Next I took cardboard and cut it to a piece that would fit in the cup and drew a dog on it. Then I put cotton on the top of the cup and inside. Finally I took two thin light blue pipe cleaners and zigzagged them and taped them on each side of the parade float.

Results: My parade float ended up holding 100g and traveling 50cm of a ramp.


January 28



Koalas live in Australia. Koalas are marsupials. Koalas are solitary animals.  Koalas 🐨 eat eucalyptus leaves and spend most of the time munching on the leaves. How many hours do koalas sleep 💤 each day? Usually koalas sleep between 18 to 22 hours. There are fewer Koalas because their homes are getting destroyed. Koalas communicate by sniffing noses.                         

Baby koala and mommy koala

A baby koala is called a Joey. Did you know that the mommy koala has a pouch to carry her baby just like possums and kangaroos. A newborn koala looks like a pink jelly bean.  At about 5 or 6 months old, the baby koala crawls out of the pouch and takes a look at the world for the first time.  After the joey takes a look at the world the Joey climbs on to it’s mother’s back. The baby koala will stay on the mom’s back until the mom koala kicks it out of the house around the time he or she is about 1 year old. A male koala does not stay with the Joey koala, so a mommy koala has to do all the work to take care of the Joey koala.


Koalas habitats

Koalas habitats are in serious danger. In Australia, that’s where the most bushfires are. A lot of the animals died in the big bushfire in 2019. However, they saved a lot of koalas. There are a lot of bushfires in Australia, so the koalas habitats are getting destroyed.

Male koala

Male koalas have a brown spot on their chest. That is one of the ways to tell if it’s a boy or a girl. A male koala is called a buck. Two male koalas will fight in competition for a female. Females and young males have a plain white chest.

Green ants

Green ants are very bad. Green ants have venom inside them. The good thing is, they only live in Australia. The bad thing is, koalas live in Australia and the green ants cause them a lot of pain. First they make a bridge on to the koala, then they crawl up to the koala’s eyes then bite their eyes. It’s hard for them to see after. They need to take special medicine to heal them. Their eyes look a little green and red after the ants bite them. 

My koala craft

I remembered that I had a little koala stuffie. So I decided to make a craft. I found 2 broken pencils, I painted them brown, my dad made the top of them flat with his hand saw. Then I glued them to cardboard that I painted brown. I took green felt and used it as the tree leaves. The last thing I did was attach the koalas on. Here’s a picture.