June 17

My Favourite Stuffies


My favorite stuffies name is Willow. I’ve had Willow for seven years. Willow is a boy. Willow is my travel stuffy. That means when I go on vacation or camping, I bring Willow and a few other stuffies that you are going to learn about soon. I don’t bring Willow and my special stuffies to sleepover camp. Willow is a husky. My mom and dad got me Willow when I was having a bad dream. Willow sleeps with me every night.

My second favorite stuffies name is Bunny. I’ve had Bunny for my whole life. Bunny is a girl. Bunny is my camp travel stuffie. That means when I go camping, I bring Bunny, Willow and one more stuffie that you will learn about next. I don’t bring Bunny to sleepover camp. Bunny is a light pink bunny. My mom and dad got me Bunny when I was born. Bunny was the first stuffie I ever had.

My third favorite stuffies name is Sandy. I’ve had Sandy for my whole life. Sandy is a boy. Sandy is a camp travel stuffie. That means when I go camping, I bring Sandy, Bunny and Willow. I don’t bring Sandy to sleepover camp. Sandy is a Rottweiler. My mom gave me Sandy when I was born. My mom got Sandy when she moved to Ottawa.

My fourth favorite stuffies name is Brownie. I’ve had Brownie for three and a half years. Brownie is a girl. Brownie does not go on vacation because Brownie’s too big. Brownie is a Brown bear. My friend gave me Brownie at my seventh birthday. Brownie is my comfort stuffie. That means when I don’t feel good, I take Brownie and snuggle her.

My fifth favorite stuffie’s name is Winter. I’ve had Winter for two years. Winter is a girl. Winter doesn’t go on vacation because she is very delicate. Winter is a bottlenose dolphin that got found in a crab trap. Winter now has no tail but she has about thirty prosthetics. Winter is my “I can do it” stuffie. That means if I’m scared to do something, I go to Winter and remember all the hard things that she’s been through.

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